With Scan&Tell, one single 3D scan allows you to present a personalized treatment plan to your patient in zero additional time.

Scan&Tell automatically selects the ideal 2D images from your 3D scan, streamlining the workflow to instantly create a treatment plan and help the patient with his treatment acceptance.


Key Benefits


Create a personalized treatment plan within 4 clicks

With Scan&Tell’s innovative workflow, effortlessly navigate the creation of a personalized treatment plan for your patient. Utilizing a blend of interactive 3D visuals and images captured during scanning, Scan&Tell guides you through the process seamlessly.


Providing the patient with all the information

Patients gain the advantage of accessing their treatment plan in both interactive 3D and PDF formats, giving them the power to make well-informed decisions regarding their dental health.


Increased treatment acceptance rate

Thanks to the innovative 3D to 2D workflow, the use of Scan&Tell helps the patient to make well informed decisions, therefore increasing treatment acceptance.


Enhanced patient engagement & trust

A Follow-Up Report and interactive 3D Scan is automatically generated and sent to the patient resulting in increased engagement and trust.

About us


We have conducted a study to assess the medical benefits of incorporating Scan&Tell into the dental practice with a specific focus on evaluating its impact on patient communication, engagement and the increase in the number accepted treatments.

The study was conducted with 100 patients in collaboration with 10 dentists in 10 countries.

How we do that?


"A patient that sees, agrees."


What do people say about us

Dr Alberic Santamaria, France

"A patient who sees, understands."

Dr Adolfo Lopez, Brazil

"Scan and Tell has become an incredible means of communication between me and the patient. I utilize it for diagnosis, planning, and finalizing cases. It serves as a crucial strategy to convey information clearly and directly, ensuring the patient comprehends their oral situation and can adhere to the treatment plan"

Dr Alberto Mori, Italy

"Scan&Tell has transformed my daily clinical visits. I consistently incorporate it in my initial appointments to visually assess and explain any dental issues directly to the patient, just as I observe them in the mouth. Patients highly value this form of communication, finding it easy to comprehend the diagnosis and willingly accepting the treatment plan."

Dr Thomas Docherty, Scotland

"I find the software very easy to use and having the support of the team in Paris is a great asset, especially when the support gives me great clinical tricks and tips, which safe me time and money and deliver happier patients. My HeronIOS has paid for itself already, in only a few days. If anyone is 'teetering' on the edge of purchasing and wants to speak to me about my experiences using my HeronIOS, I would be happy to talk with anyone!"

Dr Fatma Hedhli, Tunisia

"Scan & Tell helps me explain the necessity of certain treatments that may not seem necessary from the patient's perspective. It assists me in explaining the diagnostic process and helps building a relationship of commitment and trust with my patients."

Dr Fernanda Arellano, Mexico

"Scan&Tell has enhanced the efficiency and precision of oral rehabilitation procedures, simplifying them and making them more predictable and reproducible."

Dr Raees Tanzeem, UK

"I've had the pleasure of using the 3disc IOS Heron and now OVO since a very long time. I've seen the R&D department of the company make huge leaps when it comes to the betterment of the software and technology. I must say Scan&Tell is by far the most patient interaction” development I've seen, and it really helps with not just treatment acceptance but also educating the patients about their dental situation. Well done 3disc!"

With Scan&Tell, one single 3D scan allows you to present
a personalized treatment plan to your patient in zero additional



Scan&Tell is available for IOS & Android mobile devices on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It also runs on Windows Desktop within 3DiscClinic.

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