The Heron IOS combines simplicity, reliability and affordability.

The Most affordable Scanner on the Market

The Heron™ IOS is available for a one-time affordable payment. There are no license or case fees. And you get free, unlimited software updates. All of this adds up to the lowest total cost of ownership for a digital intraoral scanning solution on the market.

A More Efficient Workday

With Heron™ IOS, you are up and scanning right out of the box. It offers a low learning curve, and with the intuitive case management software, staff can learn the system within minutes. The scanner requires no warm-up time, which means less waiting time for patients and less time spent in the chair. And the open architecture and built-in lab communication mean you can quickly and easily send files to your lab of choice.

A Durable Workhorse for your Clinic

The Heron™ IOS features a lightweight, durable scanner with no moving parts, except the fan, which means no downtime. It’s pre-calibrated, meaning you can use it right out of the box and it includes reusable tips. Free software updates mean that you get a constantly improving solution; one that meets your scanning needs now, and in the future.

The Path to a Better Patient Experience

The Heron™ IOS scanner’s lightweight design makes impression taking easier for you and the patient. The compact, ergonomic design means staff can work faster and more comfortably. The rotating tip allows for maximum maneuverability and the sleek build increases patient comfort.

Heron Clinic Software

The HeronClinic Software is a highly intuitive scan & order management software package that is included in the Heron™ IOS solution. In addition to order management and scanning, the system allows you to share information with the lab via our cloud file-sharing solution. The software is designed to be highly intuitive, with a fast learning curve that provides fast and easy collaboration with the lab, and is available in Danish, French, Spanish, Italian, English & German, and more to come.

Open Format Software

One of the biggest advantages when choosing the Heron™ IOS system as it gives you the option to work in any open platform software and use the scanner in your current clinic and lab setup. With the ability to scan and export in STL, PLY and OBJ to any open CAD software solution on the labside, the Heron™ IOS system gives you maximum flexibility in connecting and automating your digital set-up.

Calculate the Return on Your Investment

If you want to be asured that the HeronIOS is a solid investment, use the Retturn on Investment Calculator, and get instant answers.

Calculate the Return on Your Investment

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The Scanner

Dimensions Scanner

Size: L 256 mm, W 43 mm, H 43 mm

Dimensions Base

Size: L 306 mm, W 98 mm, H 72 mm

Acquisition Method

Active stereo imaging

Color Scanning

24-bit (8-bits per channel)

Power Cord

1.8 meters

Scanning Process

Tooth Preparation

No powder or spray required

Scanning Principle

Continuously scans and accumulates (stitching) depth and color data

Distance Scanner – Tooth

0-12 mm

Capture Time

< 2 minutes per arch

Hardware requirements

Software Requirements

Windows 10 (excluding Windows 10 S) • ≥ 100 GB of free disk space • 1x USB 3.0 port

Recommended Hardware

16 GB of RAM (DDR4 or better) • ≥ 4 Core Intel i7 or greater (e.g. i7 7800) with ≥ 2.1Ghz base clock, ≥ 4.0Ghz Turbo/Boost Clock • NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Processor (1000 Series (GTX): 1070 or greater – At least 6 GB video memory or 2000 Series (RTX): 2060 or greater – At least 6 GB video memory)

System Calibration

The system is automatic and pre-calibrated with no user intervention required

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