Press release: 3DISC and IMES-ICORE announce partnership



Eiterfeld, Germany: imes-icore today announced a new partnership with 3DISC to advance digitalization within dentistry. Together, imes-icore and 3DISC are excited to bring together the best of German, French, and American ingenuity to provide dental professionals the latest in scanning technology.

“As the key success factor of dentistry belongs to the development of digitalization, we are pleased to create the future together with 3DISC, “says Christoph Stark, CEO at imes-icore.

“Digitalization is the starting point of unlimited future dentistry. With our reliable dental solutions and versatile workflow, we are proud to offer our customers a wide range of powerful and precious digital scanning technology,” says Dr. Michael Krieg, Dentist and Head of Business Development at imes-icore.

“It is exciting for 3DISC to have an industry authority such as imes-icore to recognize the Heron as one of the future leaders in the IOS market,” says Marie-Laure Pochon, CEO and President at 3DISC. “We are delighted to establish this partnership with one of the most recognized milling machine manufacturers in dentistry.”

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