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Discover the all new 3DISC OVO … at IDS 2023

March 14-18, 2023 Cologne, Germany

Discover the all new 3DISC OVO™  
… at IDS 2023

Simply… Designed for You

OVO, a readily understandable name in all languages, (meaning egg, due to its unusual shape, and also “to shout for joy” in Latin), is not only a technological revolution in terms of hardware and software, but also a conceptual revolution regarding the role of IOS for dentist, patient and lab. Within the 165 grams of the scanner, 3DISC has combined 3 technologies: an intraoral scanner (IOS), a dental camera and dedicated software that will follow the evolution of each patient’s dental health over time.

Bring simplicity to your practice…

With the OVO, dentist and patient will have, for the first time, a clinical communication tool allowing them to visualize and monitor evolution of the patient’s dental health, envisage treatment options and assess results. This interactive visualization is achieved through the use of a tablet that shows 3D data, images and videos on the one screen and all in less than 3 minutes!

Discover also the latest Heron IOS features…

Designed for simpler, faster and more accurate impressions

  • 2 Clicks to start scanning
  • Streamlined intuitive interface
  • Fully customizable for the dentist
  • Create patient profiles and cases quickly & easily

Guiding users to perfect results every time…

  • Quality Map
  • Marginal line drawing
  • Intelligent repositioning
  • One-click occlusion map
  • Undercuts analysis

Designed to make dentists confident in the success of their scans

HeronClinic™ Undercuts Tool
HeronClinic™ Quality Map

Simply… the best IOS for edentulous cases

Specific clinical & 3D digital software development (AI) to ensure full accuracy even for edentulous patients

Simply… the most ergonomic & compact scanner there is

Simply Open

Instant ordering and communication with labs

Whether it is in case creation, scanning or case integration, the Heron™ IOS with clear workflows and the HeronCloud™ case-sharing platform, makes it easier than ever to create and browse patient cases, scan and share with labs.

Full System Openness

HeronClinic™ exports in STL, OBJ and PLY, offering direct integration with DWOS and Exocad , 3DISC facilitates clinic/lab communication, enabling your practice to work with all open CAD systems on the market.

The total openness of the Heron™ IOS solution, combined with the opportunity to export locally or via the HeronCloud™, gives you the choice to exchange with your lab freely in one click.

Discover Heron™ IOS Post-Scanning Tools

Edit and prepare Patient Cases with ease…

HeronClinic™ Model Studio

For more information, visit: HeronClinic™ Model Studio: Using the Model Closing Tool

HeronClinic™ Margin Line Tool

For more information, visit: HeronClinic™ Using the Margin Line Tool

3DISC is…

Enjoy Scanning with 3DISC!

3DISC is a privately-owned company with headquarters based in the United States and France, composed of a diverse team of digital experts curated from a variety of high-tech backgrounds, inspired by one mission: to pioneer the digital dentistry landscape of tomorrow. Our goal is to deliver relevant clinical benefits to doctors through inclusively digital solutions, specifically intraoral scanners.

365 Herndon Pkwy #18 Herndon, VA 20170, USA

3DISC Dental Connect
191, avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92200, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

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