Dr Tanzeem Raees


DWSI Orthodontics & Implantology
Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner

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Dr. Tanzeem Raees is a General Dentist working in the UK. He has special interests in Orthodontics and Dental Implantology.

There is a wide array of intraoral scanners in the market and we dentists are spoilt by the choices available out there.  Over the years I have been lucky enough to be working with different Intraoral scanners that are very popular in the digital dentistry world. Although all scanners were good there was something that didn’t feel right when it comes to the way the scanner sits on your hand while scanning those difficult distal areas of the posterior teeth. This is where Heron is in its own element and scanning any aspect of any tooth is an absolute breeze.  The ergonomics of Heron IOS is out of this world, brilliantly light and super sleek in the way it looks, No doubt Heron is the best looking IOS out there. All credit goes to the designers of this wonderful IOS

The Software is so simple yet so effective and easy to understand and to work with. It provides you will all the possible restorative options in dentistry and much more. The fact that the software is free with the purchase of the scanner and lifetime updates of the software is free as well and no subscriptions associated, its a no brainer not to invest in this scanner anyone looking to buy an IntralOral Scanner

Heron possesses a swivel head which at a touch/Press of button rotates 360′ and this allows you to scan the teeth without changing the hand position, unlike other scanners in the market where you have to constantly change the grip how you hold the scanner. Heron IOS absolutely trumps all the other scanners in the market in this aspect.

The scans are of extremely high definition and providing restoration of high quality is a breeze because you can share the data created as an STL, OBJ, or PLY with your lab with ease.

I have been trying out Heron IOS for roughly a couple of months and I cannot describe the difference it already made in my practice and patients are all highly impressed when they see their teeth immediately on the computer screen courtesy Heron.

The support team is absolutely brilliant and has been very helpful in getting this scanner set up for me along with providing the training required for the scanner. Everyone at the support team is so wonderful and it’s my pleasure to be associated with a great bunch of guys.

I strongly recommend anyone looking at buying an Intra Oral scanner to seriously consider Heron IOS because you get this wonderful machine for a fraction of the cost, compared to the other big names out there.