About Us

3DISC is a privately-owned company with offices in the United States and France, as well as an R&D division located in Korea. Our dedicated team consists of digital experts from a wide range of high-tech fields, all working together towards a single goal to revolutionize the future of digital dentistry.

Our primary goal is to go beyond the conventional limits of digital technology by providing inclusive solutions that offer significant clinical advantages, with a particular focus on intraoral scanners.

Our aim is to simplify doctors work processes, enabling to deliver exceptional quality treatment to their patients.

“Oral health is a fundamental condition for good general health.
Marie-Laure Pochon – CEO 3DISC

« At 3DISC, our primary focus lies in advancing dental treatment and addressing the inadequate level of dental healthcare received by many individuals. Our main ambition is to ensure lifelong access to effective dental care for patients. This transformative approach will have a profound impact, and we are proud to offer the only product capable of achieving this goal. By providing continuous care throughout a patient’s lifetime, we anticipate increased emphasis on preventive measures, improved self-care, and enhanced communication between patients and dentists. »

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