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Discover the Heron™ IOS … at ADF 2022

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The Heron™ IOS Solution

Discover the Heron™ IOS … at ADF 2022

Simply… Designed for You

Much more than just a scanner, the Heron™ IOS solution provides an intuitive and fully digital experience to clinicians and their patients, from Case Setup to final Restoration.

Software intuitiveness, a compact and ergonomic scanner, linked with full system openness, designed to take your practice into the digital world. Ready from day one. Bringing beauty and simplicity to your workday.

Heron™ IOS – Bring simplicity to your practice…

… and include your patients too.

The Heron™ IOS Solution puts your patients at ease, through an enhanced practitioner-patient relationship…


3D Scanning & Case Management software

An easy-to-use intuitive software. A simpler, faster, more accurate impression. So you can be confident in the success of your scans.

Designed for simpler, faster and more accurate impressions

  • 2 Clicks to start scanning
  • Streamlined intuitive interface
  • Fully customizable for the dentist
  • Create patient profiles and cases quickly & easily

Guiding users to perfect results every time…

  • Quality Map
  • Marginal line drawing
  • Intelligent repositioning
  • One-click occlusion map
  • Undercuts analysis

Designed to make dentists confident in the success of their scans

HeronClinic™ Undercuts Tool
HeronClinic™ Quality Map

Simply… the best IOS for edentulous cases

Specific clinical & 3D digital software development (AI) to ensure full accuracy even for edentulous patients

Simply… the most ergonomic & compact scanner there is

Simply Open

HeronCloud™ – Instant ordering and communication with labs

Whether it is in case creation, scanning or case integration, the Heron™ IOS with clear workflows and the HeronCloud™ case-sharing platform, makes it easier than ever to create and browse patient cases, scan and share with labs.

Full System Openness

HeronClinic™ exports in STL, OBJ and PLY, offering direct integration with DWOS and Exocad , 3DISC facilitates clinic/lab communication, enabling your practice to work with all open CAD systems on the market.

The total openness of the Heron™ IOS solution, combined with the opportunity to export locally or via the HeronCloud™, gives you the choice to exchange with your lab freely in one click.

Discover Heron™ IOS Post-Scanning Tools

Edit and prepare Patient Cases with ease…

HeronClinic™ Model Studio

For more information, visit: HeronClinic™ Model Studio: Using the Model Closing Tool

HeronClinic™ Margin Line Tool

For more information, visit: HeronClinic™ Using the Margin Line Tool

Heron™ IOS – Scanner Specifications

Scanner TypeHand-held (chairside) scanner that creates optical impressions for dental restorations.
DesignCompact, lightweight, ergonomic – designed to be operated with little physical effort.
Dimensions BaseSize: L 306mm, W 98mm, H 72mm
Dimensions ScannerWeight: 150 grams
Size: L 256mm, W 43mm, H 43mm
Cable length (scanner to base): 2m
Power RequirementDC 5.0V / 4A (Power supply included)
Scanner TipReusable up to 250 times, sterilize using steam autoclave
Heating ElementVentilated. Prevents formation of fog on optics
Acquisition Method/Imaging technologyHybrid technology: active stereo imaging and structured light
Sensor technologyCMOS
Color Scanning24-bit (8-bit per channel)
Scanning frequency25-30 FPS
Imaging field-of-view12mm x 14mm
Light sourcesHigh-power LEDs

Scanning Process

Tooth PreparationNo powder or spray required
Scanning PrincipleContinuously scanning and accumulating (stitching) depth and color data
Distance Scanner – Tooth-1mm – 19mm
Possible contact duration by operator≤10 min. Note : May vary with hardware configuration.
Operator accessible partHandpiece
Possible contact duration by patientt ≤ 10 min
Patient accessible part (Type B Applied Part)Tip (autoclavable)
Computer – Scanner InterfaceUSB 3.0

Software output and design software compatibility

Output File FormatSTL, PLY, OBJ
Compatibility with CAD/CAM SystemsOpen Architecture. Output formats: STL, PLY, OBJ Compatible with most Dental CAD systems

3DISC is…

Enjoy Scanning with the Heron™ IOS!

3DISC is a privately-owned company with headquarters based in the United States and France, composed of a diverse team of digital experts curated from a variety of high-tech backgrounds, inspired by one mission: to pioneer the digital dentistry landscape of tomorrow. Our goal is to deliver relevant clinical benefits to doctors through inclusively digital solutions, specifically intraoral scanners.

365 Herndon Pkwy #18 Herndon, VA 20170, USA

3DISC Dental Connect
191, avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92200, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

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