Dr. Salvatore Perna

“I would highly recommend this fantastic device for all dentists”

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Dr. Salvatore Perna focuses on digital cosmetic dental reconstruction with
innovative design and restorative care.

“My philosophy is to restore patients to their optimum oral health with care and a conservative, gentle touch. One of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry is seeing patients leave the office with a transformed smile that enhances their self-esteem and confidence”.

A patient was seen in our clinic for restoration of decayed and misaligned teeth #5-13. The patient requested ideal anatomical cosmet- ics, and was cleared for dental care by the MD and all diagnostic records and proposed treatment care were discussed and agreed upon.

I prepared the patient for full coverage crowns and scanned the maxillary and mandibular arches with the HeronTM IOS. The scanner’s compact design and tapered-rotating tip ensured optimal patient com- fort in tight occlusal spacing, easily scanning the distal areas of the pos- terior teeth.

I was curious to evaluate the cross-arch accuracy and marginal integrity of the HeronTM IOS software. Transferring STL files to my crown and bridge and denture laboratory was easy and occurred with the out- most efficacy. Fitting the models for verification proved that the completed crowns seat- ed perfectly on the patient’s teeth with exact and unmatched marginal integri- ty.

The patient restorations were seated with ease and precision. Happy patient, successful dentist! “I wanted to purchase and use the best IOS available from a company that would also offer me the best tech- nology, support and future develop- ment.

I believe 3DISC has now risen to a level that supersedes all competition to date. I would highly recommend this fantastic device for all dentists; from the new practitioner to the most experienced, in order to bring your patient care to the next level of excellence”.