Dr Isaac Tawil


“The Heron has arrived, and it has set a new bar for all other scanners”

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Dr. Isaac Tawil has worked with many scanners in the past and has been a Beta tester and influencer in the final development stages of the Heron IOS.

“The choices among optical scanners have become vastly overwhelming” he says. “In its inception clinicians demanded quality scans and simplified workflow. Those qualities are now available in all units across the board. The Heron from 3DISC not only has those qualities but is unsurpassed in ergonomics and accessibility. Finally, we have a comfortable light weight scanner that feels like it belongs in the palm of your hand. The 360-degree swivel tip allows the user to scan from any angle reaching even those areas previously deemed difficult. The ability to scan in STL, OBJ and PLY gives me the flexibility to work in any open platform software.”


Ergonomics and simplicity In use has been an important focus area for us, what is your experience?

The immediate allure to the Heron IOS was the ergonomics. After working in the past with delayed or failed attempts to create a comfortable IOS with other companies, I was surprised how quickly the team at 3DISC responded to our requests. Adding hot button keys, improving scanning speed and quality, improving the workflow was all updated as promised with each beta update. Never have I seen a company meet its deadlines with such accuracy fulfilling all request point by point. The unit was the attraction but the support team at 3DISC made me stay.


Which features/facts/services will make the Heron IOS popular with the dentists?

“The fact that the Heron is made in the USA makes me proud as many companies elect to use cheaper manufacturing overseas usually resulting in poorer quality and a subpar formfactor. When you hold the Heron in your hands you can feel the quality craftsmanship and smooth connections between components. We can’t discuss scanners without price and the price tag was shocking. I was assuming it would be very expensive with high support and scanning fees however I was pleasantly surprised at its affordable price, no licensing or scanning fees. Finally a company not looking to hurt the clinician ́s wallet conversely helping us build a digital environ- ment with affordability and without any hidden expenses.”