How the scanner works

See the scanner in action to get a better understanding of how it works as well as a first hand glimpse of its speed and accuracy. 


Scan tip functionality

Our product specialists will demonstrate how the tip can be removed or rotated for maxmimum scanning efficiency. 


The ease of using Heronclinic

The demonstration will outline the Heron’s workflow and how easy it is to go from browsing patient cases to exporting to your lab.

Interested in learning more about the Heron IOS?

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Dr. salvatore perna

I would highly recommend this fantastic device for all dentists; from the new practitioners to the most experienced in order to bring your patient care to the next level of excellence. 


Dr. Tanzeem Raees

The ergonomics of the Heron IOS is out of this world, brilliantly light and super sleek in the way it looks. I have been trying out the Heron IOS for roughly a couple of months and I cannot describe the difference it has already made in my practice.